About Birds-i

“Hi, I’m Ian Davis; owner, photographer, and drone operator of Birds-i Digital Imagery Services.”

 Birds-i is located in Campbellford, part of the Municipality of Trent Hills. Trent Hills is in the central-east portion of Ontario, in between the cities of Peterborough, Belleville, and Cobourg (about a 45-minute drive to either place.) Because of our location, our business focus is with businesses, local government, agencies, and property owners in our small urban, rural, and remote areas. (Central East Ontario is mostly a rural area with a few small urban communities (such as Campbellford). It has large tracts of agriculture, forest, and cottage areas.)

I am now in Niagara regularly and available for your imagery needs!! 

Through Birds-i, I’ve applied for and received several Special Flight Operating Certificates (SFOC) from Transport Canada. Currently, I am operating with what is known as a Standing SFOC. What this means for Birds-i is I can legally operate throughout Ontario within the generous parameters specified by Transport Canada. One requirement is having aircraft liability insurance. In a nutshell, Birds-i operates legally and is in compliance with the terms of the SFOC issued by Transport Canada. That is good for business.


Aside from the legal aspects of operating a drone,  I have well over twenty-three hundred hours of flying time as a fixed-wing Commercial Pilot. As a former “bush pilot”, I worked in northwestern Ontario’s Hudsons Bay lowlands and throughout Labrador. Before and during this time, I  developed a strong interest in imagery and now have quite a bit of experience in photography, video, and post-production. What a great gig to combine my passions of flying with photography.