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PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY: First impressions are important

It’s true . . . viewers are attracted to great imagery. We can’t help but be attracted to things that catch our eye.  It’s an emotional response. This is why quality imagery is so important.  To stand out from hundreds of other listings your photos have to connect with viewers. Birds-i’s imagery catches the eye of viewers.  It makes a connection with them and stands apart from so many ordinary photos and video.  Great imagery helps drive traffic to your listing.  And it helps reinforce the quality aspect of your brand.Use a professional to get professional results.

VIDEO TOURS: If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth?Video Tours are becoming an increasingly popular and important marketing tool.  Previously used only for exclusive properties, Birds-i has developed a process, in combination with cost effective technologies, to lower the cost of producing video tours.  There are three levels of videos:

  1. A quick walk through using a handheld, 3-axis stabilized camera.  Editing is minimal and the tour is designed to give viewers a quick overview of the property. This type of video is ideal for entry level to modestly priced properties. Starting at $200.
  2. A more relaxed walk through using the same camera as above. The scenes are more distinctive, numerous, and the coverage more comprehensive. Outdoors scenes may be included.  The tour’s scene changes are syncopated to the music providing a nice flow for viewing. These are ideal for mid to higher market homes.   Starting at $300.
  3.  Targeting up market and exceptional properties, multiple cameras and different equipment are used to create a showcase video. Specific features will be clearly highlighted. If required, a modest amount of aerial imagery is included. (Additional footage may be purchased.)   Starting at $500.
In addition to the above, we will produce aerial-only videos if our client requires this. Or, sub-contract our services to another agency.
Please contact Birds-i for more information.

Birds-i Digital Imagery Services. We capture imagery on the ground and in the sky.


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