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Document | Promote | Inspect | Showcase | Inform

From project milestones to promotional videos.

The business use of drone technology is leading the way for new applications and expectations. Shipping companies and postal services are even experimenting with point-to-point deliveries of small packages by pre-programmed UAVs. With the way technology and civilian uses are evolving, there are many ways Birds-i can assist your business.  To name a few applications:

  • Standard airphotos of businesses and their operations
  • Vertical airphotos and mosaics of pits, quarries, fields, property developments.
  • Aerial panoramas
  • Structure and property inspections
  • Documenting key stages of constructions projects
  • Streaming content (Youtube/Vimeo) showcasing your business
  • Regular inspections of municipal yards, waste collection stations, land and property surveys.
  • And more..

Birds-i operates in compliance with a Standing Special Flight Operating Certificate issued by Transport Canada. This means that our flight operations have insurance, are conducted by a qualified operator, and are legal