The Windswept Group is a Trent Hills-based business providing a variety of accommodations for guests in their several properties. To assist in their advertising efforts, Birds-i was contracted to produce 5 short videos for online streaming and in advertising at a local cinema. As well, all properties were extensively photographed. These still images will be used in both print, web site, and social media applications.

This video is approximately one minute long and is intended to give viewers a sense of what Windswept offers and encourage them to discover more.


Windswept – Trent Hill’s Waterfront Accommodations


Windswept – our Waterfront, Coach House, and Water Tower


Windswept – Emilyville


WINDSWEPT: Hastings House B&B


Windswept – Weekly Cottage Rentals; Seymour Point, Allen’s Mill, & Eco-cabin