Owner Ian Davis has an extensive background in technical and creative activities. Formerly a commercial pilot, Ian accumulated 1000’s of hours flying “bush” aircraft in Canada’s north. He then returned to university and completed a BSc. With a focus on earth sciences, he spent many hours studying aerial imagery. It was here that Ian conducted his first aerial survey with a hand-held 35mm camera while flying a Cessna C-172 along a section of the Lake Ontario shoreline (his future wife took the photos). Ian later ran his small business providing technical communication and computer services to clients.

Over the years, Ian’s high school dabbling in photography continued and evolved into digital imagery and editing. Then it expanded to videography. And when inexpensive camera gear and then low-cost “drones” entered the marketplace, well, his interest was captured; Ian created Birds-i.

Birds-i is located in Campbellford, now part of the Municipality of Trent Hills. Trent Hills is in the central-east portion of Ontario, in between the cities of Peterborough and Belleville (about a 45-minute drive to either place.)  This is mostly a rural area with a few small urban communities (such as Campbellford). It is at the edge of large agriculture, forest, and cottage areas.

Because of our location, our business focus is small urban, rural, and remote areas. For our aerial imagery, we comply with Transport Canada UAV regulations. After applying for and receiving several Special Flight Operations Certificates (SFOC) we were able to get a “Standing” SFOC. This allows us to fly throughout most of the non-large urban areas in Ontario at a moments notice. And that is good for business.