Birds-i was hired to create the above video. Selling this farm proved to be quite a challenge. It is a large property, has a number of buildings, and is quite unique (formerly a certified organic farm). It was initially listed but after a number of poorly attended open houses, the listing expired with no offers. The owner wondered if the former agent’s emphasis on presenting the property using an outdated online slideshow (of poor quality images) simply did not motivate people to physically visit the farm. To make a long story short, the owner decided he would be more proactive. The video and high quality still images were created by Birds-i and made available on Youtube, Vimeo, and linked through Kijiji. A farmer from the other side of the province saw the video and immediately called the owner. The property sold a short time later.

There are two versions of the video. The client initially requested a longer, more comprehensive video. Later, a shortened video was produced. This 3-minute video is featured above.